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Badopal Bird Century

The village Badopal is situated at the north west of District Hanumangarh . This is precisely an ecotone area which on one side has flora and fauna of Thar desert & other side area full of water in vast stretches due to overflow of canal supply sytem prevalent in irrigated areas of district Hanumangarh . Local folks of nearby villagers cite Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner once used this area as a part of the hunting / shooting pastime. The visit of Maharaja as per locals was mostly during rainy seasons and winter. The old structures of horse stables and very old temples is still present there. While Indira Gandhi canal was being constructed , the excess flow from the Bhakhra Dam was discharged by various escapes and siphons in Badopal area. These surplus volume of water gets stagnated in the area for a period of eight to nine months in these area. Presently whenever there is excess of water flow from Bhakra Dam , the excess water is being discharged in this area. Also whenever the water exceeds the required level in Ottu Head , the surplus volume of water is discharged from the escape routes of Ghaggar river system. The extent of the water logged area is about 84000 bigha.

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